Welcome to Our New Online Resources Page for Parents!

A home-school support program that encourages independent learning using prerecorded videos and printable materials.

Collectively, we have created prerecorded lessons and games, rich with literacy, storytelling, songs and hands-on projects, within themed units. Projects and activities will include Language Arts, Practical Life, Math, Science and Art, and are created by Children’s World teachers!

Learning Units Available Now:

  • Frog Unit:
    • Welcome to the Children’s World Montessori Frog Unit. This collection of 15 videos includes facts, fiction and fun within the world of frogs! Make-it projects offer some hands-on art and snack making videos, while storytelling sessions show beautifully crafted puppet theaters and books. Teachers Include: Andrea, Christy, Iveta, Coley and Ana

Fee: $25

  • Ladybug Unit:
    • Welcome to the Children’s World Ladybug Unit! This collection of 8 videos walks you through the life of the ladybug. Lessons include literacy, song, math and a visit to a real ladybug habitat! Teachers Include: Andrea

Fee: $15

We hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed creating.



Our Learning Units are self paced and available to view multiple times within a week’s time. Videos are numbered as a guide for you and your child. Our hope is that it is fun and easy to navigate. You will find that some video lessons require parental assistance, while most designed for independent learning. 

Here’s how it works…

Within 24 hrs of your purchase, you will receive an “invitation to view” for a Google folder labelled as that which you purchased. Upon opening, you will see the numbered videos, as well as, a printouts folder. The printouts will be best if printed on card stock paper, for durability. (Hard copies are also available per request) You will be able to open multiple videos at once using your computer’s media player, setting your own time frame, or watch directly from the Google Drive folder. Using the side arrow for the next video, we hope that your child is able to navigate on their own.

After 14 days your access will be removed.


This is a new endeavor for us and we aim to grow and learn as we go, giving you the highest quality videos possible. Any feedback is good feedback. Please reach out to Andrea at cwm.andrea@gmail.com with any questions, comments, tech support or concerns.

We appreciate your support and feedback.