Summer Sessions

2013 Summer Program

2013 Summer applications can be found on Preschool forms page.

Download an application  from our forms section.

Morning Circle
The morning circle will begin around at 9:15 a.m. We feel it is important for your child to arrive on time so that he or she will feel part of the group and so they won’t miss an introduction to a certain work, instructions for a special art project or an important safety rule. PLEASE try to be prompt (even if it is summer). If, for some reason you can’t make it on time, we ask that you enter as quietly as possible. When parent and child arrive on time before circle it allows a more generous and gentle transitional time before the program begins.

Snack sign-up for the summer program will be posted on the bulletin board near the daily sign-in sheet. Suggested snack items are organized by week. Please sign up for a listed quantity of a particular grocery item and bring it in on or before the first day of that week. Each week of summer session has certain foods listed. When you sign up to bring a particular item please keep in mind that it will be distributed among 20 children. We will store or refrigerate all items and snack preparation will include two or more food groups as we pull from all food available. You do not need to cut up any fruit or veggies, as we will do that in the morning on the day the snack is served. If your child is staying for aftercare please put an extra snack in his or her lunchbox, as the children get hungry again in the afternoon. Any bulk snacks that are brought in by parents with children in aftercare are much appreciated and will be stored in a special cabinet just for children staying later.

Children staying for lunch need to bring a lunchbox to the summer program that is labeled with their name in indelible ink. It is important that every lunch has some blue ice to keep perishables cool. We prefer that you use reusable containers for food, if possible, as they cut down on garbage and waste.

Tuition is due and payable on or before the first day of each session. To avoid forms, checks and paperwork on the first day we ask that you send your check and authorization form (new students) directly to 320 Beach St., Ashland OR 97520 in advance. If that is not possible, please bring your tuition to school on your child’s first day and put it in the check box near the sign-in sheets. Payments can be made per session or for the summer in full. Remember to deduct the deposit amount per session when paying the balance of the tuition due.

We want to encourage comfortable casual clothing that parents will not object to getting dirty. The summer program includes clay, foam, sand, paint, glue, water, and other delights. If you feel that your child may have a potty accident while at school we ask that you send a large zip-lock bag of extra clothing labeled with your child’s name. We will put these bags in the bathroom and use them when necessary.

Bathing Suits
We do have water play after lunch quite often and during aftercare. It is best if your child wears their bathing suit under their clothes if possible. When they are ready to run through the sprinkler they can simply take off their clothes and put them in their cubby or on their hook. If they choose to bring their bathing suit and put it in their cubby they can change into it after lunch but we are trying to avoid all the children changing as it is time consuming and articles of clothing invariably get lost or scattered.

Each child staying after 12:00 will need a labeled towel that will go in his or her cubby or hook in the morning but after lunch, if wet, will be hung over the fence to dry.

Pillow and Blanket
We have small rest time cubbies for children staying for aftercare. Please send your child with a small pillow and labeled blanket for their comfort. Blankets need to be taken home weekly to be laundered.

Water Bottle
This is optional but if you choose to send one please label it with your child’s name.

Toys From Home
We ask that toys from home stay at home. However, items that relate to the children’s unit of study are encouraged to be brought to school and shared

Parents need to put sunscreen on their child before they come to school in the morning, while still at home. We will put sunscreen on again in the afternoon for those children in aftercare. New State regulations require that parents sign an authorization allowing us to apply sunscreen. Anyone with a child in aftercare will need to bring a bottle of their choice of sunscreen labeled with their child’s name and will need to fill out a permission form the first day of school.