Lunette Fleming

Lunette Fleming, Cooking Teacher at Children's World

Lunette Fleming

Lunette has taught at Children’s World for 11 years in a variety of roles. This will be her third year cooking classes to small groups of children at the Beach Street site. She has also taught summer camps during the summer sessions, provided care in the afternoons, and has been an assistant and head teacher for the preschool at the Garfield and Main Street locations.

Before coming to Children’s World, Lunette spent nine years developing and teaching unit studies for home schooled preschool through middle school students.  She coordinated special events for Jackson County Home Educators including History Parties, Talents Shows, Plays, Heritage Fair, Harvest Festival Fair and Parade.  Lunette has served for two years as the Preschool story time coordinator for the Talent Library.  In addition, she has been a teacher at Grace Christian School and has over 35 years experience as a instructor of religious education for preschool to middle school children.

Lunette received her BS in Elementary Education from S.O.U. in 1978.

Recent trainings include:

  • 12 hour Brain Gym Seminar, 2009
  • Montessori Math Workshop, 2009
  • Community Works 6 week Parenting Class, 2008
  • Montessori Philosophy Workshop, 2008
  • Job Council Building Blocks of social and Emotional Development, 2008
    Module 1: Building Positive Relationships
    Module 2: Creating Supportive Environments
    Module 3: Guiding Children’s Behavior
    Module 4: Responding to the Individual Child
  • The Job Council Core Knowledge Training
    Early Brain Development, 2008
  • National Conference Montessori Education Conference, San Diego, CA, 2003
  • Jackson County Chapter of the Oregon Association for the Education of Young Children Conferences, Ashland, Oregon 2001, 2201, 2004
  • Oregon Association for the Education of Young Children, Tualitin, Oregon 2000
  • Montessori Conference in San Leandro, California, 1999