Hannah Marie Tashjian

Hannah Marie Tashjian


Hannah has been working at Children’s World since fall of 2006. She worked as an assistant teacher in all three classrooms, as well as providing assistance in aftercare. This year she is co-teaching with Rachel in Room 5, as well as doing aftercare in the Kindergarten twice a week. Hannah is also working in the office this year as an assistant to Marcy, as well as assisting the rest of the teachers in managing and organizing photographs for the individual classrooms. Hannah enjoys seeing the children interact with each other in the classroom and on the yard, and nurtures the social development of the children through activities and music. She also leads the children in art projects that emphasize the growth of the creative and cognitive development processes. A main focus for Hannah on a daily basis is ensuring the children are happy and comfortable in their learning environment away from home.

Hannah is currently studying Early Childhood Education, as well as Child Psychology and continues with her hands-on learning experience at Children’s World. An ultimate goal for Hannah would be to open and run her own school.

Before coming to Children’s World, Hannah worked as a youth leader at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in California, where she went to elementary school. She helped lead Sunday School Classes, and assisted in the Conformation Program, including leading retreats and coordinating activities. During the summers Hannah enjoys working as a counselor at many different day camps. In 2007 she co-trained a group of middle-school aged campers to be counselors at The School of the Madeline in Berkeley. She also organized and prepared daily activities for the campers, ages 5-14, to participate in each week. Having a natural drive to lead, Hannah has been a part of student government in her elementary, high school, and now college experience. Hannah was on the board of the school’s vocal chorus, organizing tours within the community and across the state, as well as preparing retreat activities for the group.

Being the oldest of all her sisters and cousins, Hannah grew up protecting and caring for younger children around her. Hannah provided childcare for close family friends as soon as she was able, and eight years later continues to spend her nights and weekends with children.

Hannah’s personal interests include singing, drama, photography, drawing, advertisement design and animation, reading, writing, being outdoors especially to camp and be on the water, and spending time with family and friends.

Recent trainings include:

  • CPR and First Aid Training
  • Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect Workshop
  • Oregon Health Division Food Handler Certificate Training
  • Applied Child Development; providing positive guidance
  • Developmentally Appropriate Practices; establishing a safe and healthy environment
  • Introduction to Early Childhood Education; exploring professional education and career direction
  • Early Childhood Education Best Practices; advancing physical and intellectual development
  • Early Childhood Education: A Professional Overview
  • Children’s Literature; surveying literature and presenting methods for appropriate use