Andrea Johnson

Andrea Johnson

Andrea has been with Children’s World for 2½ years. In the spring of 2007, she started out as a volunteer in cooperation with classes at Southern Oregon University. Since then, she has worked in Room 6, at the Lincoln school with Marcy and Judy, as a part-time teacher, led hallway art projects and assisted in aftercare hours, and will now begin year two as a full time head-teacher at the toddler school on Main St.

Before coming to Children’s World, Andrea was settling in as a new student at SOU, and a new resident of Ashland. She, along with her husband Phil, and dog Carter moved to Ashland three years ago from Austin, TX. In Austin, Andrea received her Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from Austin Community College, and worked at the neighborhood food co-op. She also substitute taught at the Montessori Center, working with ages 18 months to 8 years old. Other experiences include: substitute teaching at the Children’s Discovery Center, leading beading workshops for home-school students and presenting a booth at the VSA of Austin summer art fair for the visually and mentally impaired in 2006. The diversity and joy within all of these experiences led her to an education in early childhood development.

Andrea graduated from SOU with a Bachelor of Integrated Studies in Early Childhood Development and Sociology in 2008. She observed and practiced assistant teaching at Willow Wind Community Learning Center, Helman Elementary, and Children’s World. As an extension to her education, Andrea completed the International Montessori Infant/Toddler program with the North American Montessori Center, receiving her diploma last spring.

Andrea’s passions lie in the welfare and happiness of children and their families and building positive connections within the community. Working with children and helping them through their developmental processes is a long-term goal for Andrea. She enjoys seeing children improve their social skills and encourages cooperative learning in the classroom. Andrea is also very passionate about food and supports local venders and organic growers. Other interests include listening to music, knitting, sewing, hiking, gardening, baking, riding bikes, spending time with family and friends, and swimming.

Recent Education/Training:

  • NAMC International Infant/Toddler Certification
  • Infant/Toddler First Aid 2009
  • “Scintillating, Successful Circle Times” workshop 2009
  • B.I.S. in Early Childhood Development & Sociology from SOU 2006-2008
  • “A Taste of Bev Bos” workshop 2008
  • OAEYC Winter Conference 2008
  • Foodhandler Card 2006-2009
  • Adult First Aid – Heartsaver First Aid 2007
  • Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect 2007