Covid 19 Information

Children’s World Montessori 

Covid 19 Information 

Following is our plan to maintain the highest standard of covid safety protocol along with the Oregon Child Care Divisions exclusion requirements.

Drop off and pick up:

  • ~Drop off and pick up will happen in the entrance way of the exterior doors.
  • ~Parents/care givers please maintain social distancing while entering and exiting.
  • ~All students and staff will wash hands or use sanitizer before entering school and when leaving.
  • ~We encourage children between 2 and kindergarten age wear face coverings during times of increased covid risk. 

Daily Health checks are no longer required. However it is good to keep in mind the following thoughts in order to determine if your child needs to stay at home:

  • ~asking if anyone in family is experiencing shortness of breath, fever, unusual cough (not allergies, asthma etc.) or any other symptoms of sickness.
  • ~asking about exposure to positive or presumptive cases of covid-19 anytime during the 5 days after the cases first showed symptoms
  • ~temperature checks as needed

COVID-19 Exclusion and Notification as required by the Oregon Child Care Division

*Our current sick day policy remains in place.  We are unable to offer make up days and tuition is still required for days a child is scheduled to attend but is not present.  We are working on supplemental resources for parents during extended absences.

**A confirmed Covid case within the school community & any closures will be made in conjunction with Early Learning Division staff and local health authorities.  

We will communicate with staff and families about any confirmed exposure. 

Child care providers will: 

  • • Exclude from the program any child or staff member, regardless of vaccination status, if they exhibit COVID-19 symptoms including new loss of taste or smell, fever, new cough, or shortness of breath, sore throat, fatigue or headaches in the last 10 days. 
    • o New cough means out of the ordinary for this person–e.g., not typical asthma, allergies. 
    • o Fever means 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or more ,without the use of  fever-reducing medication. 
    • o Exclusion from the program should be for 5 days after onset of symptoms and 24 hours after both fever and cough resolve, without the use of a fever reducing medication. Programs should consult with the Local Public Health Authority for additional guidance. 
    • Students and staff that test positive for covid will be excluded for 5 days and can return after 5 days if they have a negative test and are not longer exhibiting symptoms.
    • Students or staff that have covid like symptoms and do not test can return after 10 days if they are symptom free without medication.

  • • A child who has received routine childhood vaccinations in the last 48 hours can return to care at the direction of a medical professional once they are fever-free. Documentation of vaccination from the medical professional is recommended. 
    • o Monitor for symptoms anyone who comes into the program who is known to have had a household member with symptoms of COVID-19. The ill household member should be strongly encouraged to get tested. An unvaccinated staff member or child who is a close contact of an individual with presumptive or confirmed COVID-19 may be required to be excluded in accordance with Oregon Health Authority rules. 
    • o Follow these recommendations for individuals who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms but who have received their COVID-19 vaccine within the past three days: 
    • o If the individual has symptoms of fatigue ,chills, muscle ache, joint pain, or redness–these are likely vaccine side effects. If no fever is present, the individual may work or attend the program if they feel well enough to work. If fever is present, staff members should stay home until 24 hours fever-free. 

  • • If the individual’s only symptom is fever ,the individual should stay home until 24 hours fever-free. If the fever does not improve in two days, the individual should see a health care provider and consider getting tested for COVID-19 as they may have been exposed prior
    to vaccination. 
  • • If the individual has symptoms that include cough, shortness of breath, or loss of taste or smell, they should be excluded consistent with the recommendations above. 

Child care providers are required to: 

  • • Exclude from the program any child or staff member who tests positive for COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status, for the time period specified in the rules adopted by the Oregon Health Authority under OAR 333, Division 19, in accordance with rules adopted by the Authority. 
  • • Exclude from the program any child or staff member who is susceptible and who is exposed to COVID-19, for the time period specified in the rules adopted by the Oregon Health Authority, in accordance with the rules adopted by the Authority. 
  • • Inform all families, staff, and individuals who enter the child care program that they should not enter if they are unvaccinated and have been exposed to a COVID-19 case. 
  • • Notify the local public health authority immediately if anyone who has been on the premises of the program is diagnosed with COVID-19. 
  • • Communicate, in coordination with local public health authority, with all families and other individuals who have been on the premises of the program in the past 5 days about a confirmed case of COVID-19. 

Stable groups:

  • • We will maintain stable groups whenever possible
  • • Our maximum group size may be as high as 15. 
  • • Children in one group stay together for the duration of the day with the same staff each day. 
  • • Physical distancing is practiced between staff & children in different groups, but teachers do not need to physical distance with the children in their group.
  • • Children are encouraged to physical distance when appropriate.  (When standing in line, limiting number of chairs at a table, etc.)
  • • Shared areas such as the bathroom are cleaned in between uses by different groups.
  • • If our county returns to a baseline/lockdown situation then our group sizes will be reduced. 

Indoor environment & daily activities:

  • • Shared materials are cleaned daily.
  • • We will spend time outside everyday in the fresh air.
  • • Windows are kept open and air purifiers are in use indoors. 
  • • Distance is increased between children inside.  Ex., chairs spaced apart at tables, classroom areas more defined, 
  • • Time standing in line limited and creating more space  when appropriate.
  • • Children will eat snacks and lunch out of their own packed lunches.  The school will not be preparing food.
  • • Hand washing, health and safety practices and personal space awareness are increased.

Family engagement:

Parent teacher conferences will be prescheduled and conducted via phone or video conferencing or outside or inside while wearing face coverings and social distancing.

Families seeking enrollment can schedule a visit to the facility only when children are not present.

There will be ongoing communication to families about their child’s day and education about our covid 19 policies, the latest health guidance,  and how family and staff  behaviors outside of the program impact the health and safety of staff and other children and families at this facility.