Covid 19 Information

Children’s World Montessori Covid 19 Information

Following are some of the requirements and protocols from the Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Early Learning Division under which our state certified facility must operate. 

You can find a complete listing of the Covid -19 health and Safety guidelines here:

The information below reflects the updates issued on August 14th, 2020.

We are currently operating as an emergency childcare facility.  This does not limit who we serve, but increases our safety procedures.  It is also the only way we can be licensed to be open and serve families at this time.

Drop off and pick up:

  • ~ Drop off and pick up will happen outside of the building.  The Oregon ELD & OHA are limiting access to the facility due to concerns of Covid 19.
  • ~ Parents/care givers and children kindergarten age or older will wear masks at drop off and pick up.
  • ~ Parents/care givers will maintain social distancing while waiting for staff & health checks.
  • ~ Parent/caregivers must allow for time to be present during health check at drop off and relay needed information at pickup.
  • ~ All persons must wash hands or use sanitizer before entering school and when leaving.
  • ~ Pick up drop off times will be staggered and/or different entrances utilized to minimize interaction between families of different classrooms.
  • ~ Children in kindergarten or higher grades are required to wear a face covering at drop off or when in care.  Children younger than kindergarten age are not required to wear face coverings. 
  • ~ Children between 2 and kindergarten age may wear face coverings if  parents request that they do so.  They must be able to put on and take off their face  covering by them selves and the covering must fit properly.

Health checks include:

  • ~ children and parents as well as staff and any maintenance/service persons entering the school grounds. 
  • ~ temperature checks for children, staff and maintenance/service persons entering the grounds/building.
  • ~ asking if anyone in family is experiencing shortness of breath, fever, unusual cough (not allergies, asthma etc.)
  • ~ asking about exposure to positive or presumptive cases of covid-19 anytime during the 14 days after the cases first showed symptoms

Exclusion protocol:

1.   If staff or child is sick with illness that includes an unusual cough, shortness of breath or fever of 100.4 or higher),that person will be sent home or must stay home and get tested for corona virus.  

If  the test is positive or if person does not get tested, they must stay home for at least 10 days from the onset of symptoms and until 24hrs after resolution of symptoms. 

 If test is negative, person may return to school 24 hrs after resolution of symptoms.

* Fever free = temperature of less than 100.4, no fever and no fever reducing medications taken.

2.  If child or staff member has symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, headache, sore throat or rash, that person must be excluded from school and seek medical advice.  Medical professional can advise about return date.  If not seen by a medical professional they can return 24hrs after symptoms resolve.   

3. If child or staff member is exposed to a person who tests positive for coronavirus or has a presumptive case, they will be excluded and should quarantine for 14 days.  (Day 1 starts with day that the exposed person last had contact with a positive or presumptive covid-19 case)

If there are no symptoms after 14 days the individual can return.  The 14 day quarantine can not be shortened by getting a negative covid 19 test or by getting a note from a medical professional.

If symptoms develop during the 14 days then the individual contact a medical professional and  get tested and stay home for at least 10 days and 24 hrs after resolution of symptoms.  This would be considered a presumptive case of covid-19

*Our current sick day policy remains in place.  We are unable to offer make up days and tuition is still required for days a child is scheduled to attend but is not present.  We are working on supplemental resources for parents during extended absences.

**A confirmed Covid case within the school community & any closures will be made in conjunction with Early Learning Division staff and local health authorities.  

We will communicate with staff and families about any possible or confirmed exposure.

Stable groups:

  • ~ Maximum group size has been increased to 20.  Our facility will break classes larger than 10 children into smaller groups that use separate spaces when inside. 
  • ~ Children in one group stay together for the duration of the day with the same staff each day. 
  • ~ Physical distancing is practiced between staff & children in different groups, but teachers do not need to physical distance with the children in their group.
  • ~ Children are encouraged to physical distance when appropriate.  (When standing in line, limiting number of chairs at a table, etc.)
  • ~ Shared areas such as the bathroom or playground are cleaned in between uses by different groups.
  • ~ If our county returns to a baseline/lockdown situation then our group sizes will be reduced. 

Indoor environment & daily activities:

  • ~ Shared materials are limited.  Materials that are shared are washed in between uses as are children’s hands.   
  • ~ Access to individual materials such as art supplies, sensorial boxes, play dough, books etc are supplied for each child.   
  • ~ Indoor group activities are kept to a minimum or moved outside
  • ~ Windows are kept open, fans circulate air and air purifiers are in use indoors. 
  • ~ Distance is increased between children inside.  Ex., chairs spaced apart at tables, classroom areas more defined,  time standing in line limited and creating more space  when appropriate.
  • ~ Children will eat snacks and lunch out of their own packed lunches.  The school will not be preparing food.
  • ~ Hand washing, health and safety practices and personal space awareness are increased.

Family engagement:

Parent teacher conferences will be prescheduled and conducted via phone or video conferencing or outside while wearing face coverings and social distancing.

Families seeking enrollment can visit the facility only when children are not present. Only one family at a time may visit and the family must comply with the health check, physical distancing and face covering requirements.

There will be ongoing communication to families about their child’s day and education about our covid 19 policies, the latest health guidance,  and how family and staff  behaviors outside of the program impact the health and safety of staff and other children and families at this facility.