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Goblins, the Candy Witch and other scary things that go boo!

So here it is… I am not the best at celebrating this tradition as it is still new to me. However, since this Monday the 31st is The Day and we are in session… I thought it would be best to celebrate with the children taking a little stroll around our neighborhood wearing their costumes.

This will include 2 or 3 ‘stations’ where the children will stop and get a treat (not the candy type).


I would like 2 parents in need to use some parent hours to join us on this walk. Please talk to me for details and to confirm ASAP.


Children who are not here on Mondays are always welcome to come with their parents. A kind reminder: parents do not get parent hours for this participation.


YES!  Please, on Monday the 31st.  The rest of this week fun or silly hats or socks would be great J


Halloween Snacks:

You are welcome to bring some for the children to take home. They each will have a bag with their name above their hook.  BOO!


Have fun!