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April 2012-Garden Room News


I hope you had a great time with your lovely families, we sure enjoyed the time with ours, looking out the window with a cup of tea @ 9:30 am, no rush, a pile of books on the coffee table, reading to our children, making breakfast and ending up with brunch and conversation. The funny thing is that we can’t stop thinking about your children. It is as if we were an extended family and I can hardly wait to see them againJ

New Environment and Punctuality:

Spring cleaning has happened while the children were away and upon their return I hope they come a bit earlier than 9 AM so that we may have some time to give them a tour or have a time to discover what is new.

For the remainder of the school year, the door will be closed @ 9:15 for circle time and open by 9:45 when circle will be over. If you absolutely have to drop off in the middle of circle, please say goodbye to your child before opening the door, sing him/her IN and place the lunch box above the hooks on the hall.

Please, do not worry about their shoes.

We appreciate your cooperation to avoid circle interruptions.


Dates to remember:

April 3rd Back to School

April 22nd Earth Day!

May        Assistant Hours Due


Water, sun, seeds and time, just what we need in April for our“Garden Room” to turn into a ‘green house’. We are looking forward to the children’s observations on germination. Sprouts to plant and to eat as such can’t go wrong with children and soil J Please send your child with a flower pot dish the size of a dinner plate. We will be making a little inside garden to take home.



Insects, worms, bugs and other invertebrates that might live in our garden:

These will be some of the themes we will be talking about.

Field Trip to North Mountain Park is a possibility.  I will let you know soon. That is all for now!