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October Newsletter: Room 5

After enjoying our first month of getting to know each other & becoming familiar with our classroom materials & routines, we are furthering our community-building as we embark on our first theme: Self & Family. You may have noticed our “self-portrait” artwork beginning to fill our hallway bulletin board, as well as the lovely photograph portraits of each of your children newly posted in our classroom. Wallet-size versions of these portraits will serve as “helper tags” for the children as they take turns performing “jobs” selected daily from our “Job Chart” & will be used to create name tags that will support name recognition as well as serving various practical purposes in the daily routines of our classroom. We have also begun posting “Family Collages” of the family photos that we’ve been sharing during Circle Time. Each child has had, or soon will have, the opportunity to share information about their interests, home, & family, as well as the photos that you have generously provided, with all of their classmates. (Reminder: If you haven’t gotten your “Family Homework” in yet, now is the time!) These photos have been a big hit with the kids as they admire & chat about themselves, their friends, & their families…

Upcoming Events:

Our First Field Trip: Pumpkin Patch at Eagle Mill Farm in Ashland Wednesday, October 26; departure 10:15 AM; (10:30-11:30 fun)

Tuesday/Thursday children may join us if their parents are able to stay with them.

Please see Gina for details: signing up to drive, directions…

Halloween Party: Friday, October 28 9:30-11AM

We will have lots of spooky fun celebrating Halloween in our classroom! Costumes are welcome. Parent helpers are warmly welcomed to join the fun by signing up for:

  • Bringing in “Spooky Snacks” (low-sugar, please)
  • Creating & helping at a “Mask-Making” station
  • Creating & helping at a “Face Painting” station
  • Creating & helping at a “Spooky Art” station
  • Creating & helping at a “Spooky Games” station
  • Reading Spooky Stories in our Book Nook

Your own ideas for creative Halloween fun at these stations are welcomed; Cathy & Gina will also be available to provide ideas.

Tuesday/Thursday children may join us if their parents are able to stay with them.

Sign-Up Sheets will be outside our classroom door.

Classroom Wish List:

Items for Nature Collages & Autumn Artwork

Please bring in: acorns, walnuts, autumn leaves, milkweed pods & other seed pods, “Indian” corn, dried gourds, pine cones, etc…


  • Please sign up for snack items & bring these items at the beginning of the week. Thank you!
  • Please be sure to sign your child in & out each day.


Thank you for sharing your lovely children with us! Happy Autumn!