Rm 5 March Newsletter

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March Newsletter: Room 5

Our Theme: The Human Body

We’ve begun exploring the Human Body, as you may have guessed when you’ve glimpsed the X-Rays posted on our white board, the anatomy posters on our classroom walls & the variety of new shelf activities. We’ll be learning about the basics of our respiratory & circulatory systems, skeletal & muscular structures, internal organs, & the use of our five senses. If you have expertise in any area of physiology and/or health care, we invite you to join our circle-time to present information, loan us materials, or simply give us your fabulous ideas!

Parents’ Night Out:

Our March 2 Parents’ Night Out was canceled, primarily due to lack of sign-ups. Sadly, we heard afterward that several of you had planned to attend. Please sign up for these events as soon as you’re certain you’ll be attending to prevent future cancellations. Thank you! We will be posting the information & sign-up sheets on our bulletin board the week before our next Parents’ Night Out event in April.

Upcoming School Closures: SPRING BREAK

v   Friday, March 23- Monday, April 2

Upcoming Work Assistance Opportunities:

v   Replace our aquarium’s light bulb

v   Help us create a “cooking calendar” so that children can check in daily to see if it is their “cooking day”

v   Help us to create a “dress-up area” in our dramatic play space. I have hooks mounted on wooden bars that can be mounted on the wall to hang clothes from…donations of “dress-up clothes” in good repair are welcomed…other suggestions and assistance are welcomed!




We’ve been experiencing a shortage of snacks lately. We have frequently been missing snack items & have at times had very little snack food to serve altogether, or are missing “the other half” of our snack (we have cream cheese but no bagels, or quesadillas but no cheese, and so on…) making it very challenging to keep these active children well-fed in the morning! Please bring snack items in on the first day of the week that they’re being served. Less perishable items (crackers, pretzels, etc.) can come in even earlier. Thank you!

Thank you for sharing your lovely children with us! Happy Spring!