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January Newsletter: Room 5

Our January Theme: Kids Around the World

We’re having such fun exploring other cultures through images, books, artifacts, shelf activities, songs, & circle-time activities! We are learning about how kids all over the world eat, play, make music…what kind of clothing they wear, homes they live in. What a great opportunity to celebrate diversity! We welcome your participation in enriching this experience for our classroom by sharing your own multicultural experiences with our students! Perhaps some members of your family are originally from another culture…or perhaps you’ve traveled & experienced other cultures…We welcome you to bring in photos, artifacts, clothing to share…and/or join us for a circle-time (9:15, 10:45, or 11:45) to teach us to count to 10 or sing a song or say “good morning” in another language…or teach us a game or help us to plan a special snack from another culture…We would love to give our students the opportunity to learn from your multicultural experiences!

Parents’ Night Out:

Based on parent response, we’ve decided to host a monthly Parents’ Night out, to be held on the First Friday of each month, beginning in February.  These events will be “pajama party” style, 6-9 PM, & will include a snack, art projects, stories, games, & lots of fun! We will be posting the information & sign-up sheets on our bulletin board.

Upcoming School Closures:

v   Monday, January 16: MLK Day

Upcoming Work Assistance Opportunities:

v   Completing classroom painting: this job could be tackled in several different ways: one family could tackle it in a day & complete all of their family assistance in one grand effort -OR- two or more families could work together & have a “painting party” (turn up the music, order a pizza, have some fun!) –OR- any family could choose to complete part, but not all, of the painting, choosing specific items from our list to paint, such as cubbies or shelves, or the loft…

v   Please check the table by the door for upcoming art projects to prepare.

v   Are there any parents who would be interested in upgrading our dramatic play/kitchen area? I’d love to brainstorm ways to enhance this very popular space with small repairs & additions.

Thank you to all of our parents for doing such a great job providing weather-appropriate clothing for our daily outdoor time!

Lost & Found:

Please check the new centralized “Lost & Found” area next to the front door in the hallway.


  • If you arrive before 8:30, please bring your child to Lunette in the cooking classroom, rather than to Room 5, where we are busy preparing for a new day.

Thank you for sharing your lovely children with us! Happy Winter!