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September 2011

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Welcome! We are so happy to begin this new school year.

We will begin the year by spending this month getting to know each other and the classroom. We have

many wonderful activities planned and will begin this process by reading the children’s questionnaires

which were sent in the mail. Please return the questionnaires as soon as possible if you have not


We would love to have some photos of your families around the room. This makes for a homey

classroom and also the children love to look at their loved ones while they are at school. Please bring at

least one family photo plus two or three of your child and people, pets or things your child might love to

see while they are away from home. These photos may end up being cut and glued so do not send us

photos that you want to keep! Please bring these photos by Monday, Sept. 26th.

Thanks for your help!

Parent night

Parent night is Tuesday, September 20th from 6:30 to 7:30.

This a great time to become informed about the upcoming school year, meet other parents, and get to

know more about the teachers. We will be discussing many important topics that every parent needs to

know and it is imperative that at least one parent attend this meeting. (Even if you’ve done it before, we

appreciate you attending.) This is also a great time to ask any remaining questions you may have about

the program. Childcare will not be provided. We’ll do our best to keep it short and sweet!

Aftercare and lunch

Lunch begins every day at 12:00. For those leaving at 12:00, prompt pick-ups are always appreciated. If

your child will be staying for lunch please bring their lunch when you drop off in the morning and place

on the bench under the coat rack with your child’s name on it. Ice packs come in very handy for any

items needing to stay cool.

**We do not microwave or warm lunches up before eating so please utilize a thermos if you prefer

your child has warm food for lunch.

Please remember to label your child’s lunchbox and any other items of importance or value that are

brought to school.

Rest time begins every day at 1:30. For children leaving before rest time, it is extremely helpful to the

teachers and children, to come five or ten minutes before 1:30 to avoid the group transition into rest


Please see our Afternoon Program sign up if your child will be staying after 1:30, which is located on

the table just outside the classroom. Children who stay for rest time will be given a cubby to store any

rest time items. Small pillows, blankets, and a snuggly toy are a great cozy comfort to have for rest

time. Please see the teachers for directions to the rest-time cubbies. (These items should be taken home

and laundered once a week.)

The school closes at 4:30 sharp, and again we ask that you come five to ten minutes early to collect all

belongings and transition your child in a relaxed manner.

There is a $1 per minute late fee after 4:30 that will be applied to your bill.

Other reminders:

• Please be sure to drop your child off in the kindergarten classroom each day.

• Making contact with one of the kindergarten teachers upon drop off and pick up is important for

all the children’s safety. As well, in the afternoon with the appropriate teacher.

• Parking is located in the lot between the school and Siskiyou Blvd. (Enter from Siskiyou

traveling south or Beach St.) or on Beach St. in front of the school.

• Please DO NOT park in the handicap access area.

• Please always close the playground gates behind you.

We are looking forward to an excellent year with your beautiful children!!

Please note:

In the future I will not print a hard copy of the monthly newsletters and will instead send

them by email. I will only email important information and reminders. We have a lot to

communicate to each family every month and appreciate you taking the time to read

about our events and information given. If you need a paper copy I will be happy to print

one off for you.