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October 2011 Kindergarten Newsletter

Thank you again for a delightful parent night.

We absolutely loved spending time with you.

We will begin our first unit of study this month with a strong focus on nature,

autumn, and forests. We also begin our sound of the week sharing.

Our art teacher, Meredith Page will be in the classroom Tuesday and Thursday

this week to begin a self‐portrait study with the children. Look for the selfportraits

above the coat hooks!


Our First Field Trip

Destination: Pheasant Field Farm. Tuesday, October 25th. We will be leaving the

classroom at 9:15 on this day for a hayride, a petting zoo, a maze, and pumpkins!

Please join us. The cost of this field trip is $4, which can be deposited in the silver

payment box (please check pd on list). We need drivers! Please see sign up if you

would like to drive.

Sounds of the Week Sharing

Sharing treasures from home is always a favorite activity for children. In the

Kindergarten we put a little spin on it. To help support the cognition of the sound

of letters, we ask the children to share items based on our “Sounds of the Week”.

The children have a specific sharing day for the entire year. (See below) For

example: on Monday, Alex could bring and acorn or a banana.

The sounds of the week, beginning with A and B and continuing through the

alphabet, will be posted in the classroom and will be changed every week.

Please encourage children to find items from nature or items applicable to our

unit of study.

We prefer that toys are kept at home whenever possible

• Small, non‐breakable items appreciated.

• Children may bring in one or both of the sounds.

• We will not have sharing on field trip and party days.

When’s my sharing day??? WE WILL BEGIN SHARING

Monday: Alex, Amelie, Bryson MONDAY, OCTOBER 17th

Tuesday: Gabriel, Ian, Kai, Kyler With A and B

Wednesday: Lily, Livia, Mila

Thursday: Olivia, Rowen, Savonne, Stella F.

Friday: Stella M., Teo, Zoe

Halloween Party

Our Halloween party will be held on Monday, October 31st. The children are

invited to come in costume for a day of fun and games! Parents and sibling

welcome. Please see sign up if you would like to participate in setting up stations

or organizing games and food.

Parent Night

If you missed Parent Night, here are some key points:

• Please make contact with a teacher when dropping off and picking up.

• Come sit with your child if arriving to circle before 12:00

• We will need to file a driving record check and also a criminal history check in

order for you to help out in our classroom LAST CALL!

• We appreciate prompt drop offs and pick up times!

• Please remember to sign in and out every day

• Please keep children home for 24 hours after they have had a temp. of 100

degrees or more. They must be free of fever for 24 hours without medication.

• We also ask that children remain at home with signs of sickness such as runny

nose, diarrhea and flu like symptoms. Please help us keep a healthy classroom!

If you have any problems, concerns or questions please speak to Wendy, Kendra,

or Melissa immediately. We want to work with you in an open and honest way.

Thank you!

Coming First Week of November:

El Dia de los Muertos

We will be discussing the Day of the Dead celebrations the first week of

November. If you have photos of loved ones you would like to share or any other

info or items on this subject please feel free to bring them in the last week of

October. I’ll give you a reminder later in the month 