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March 2012

Kinder News

Can you believe there are only about 3 more months of school? Whew that was fast! The

kids have sunk deep, deep into our hearts for good now as we enter the re‐awakening of


This month our topic of study is on our teeth and The Tooth Fairy! We will also be doing some

special art lessons.

Our beloved art teacher, Meredith returns this week. Tuesday and Thursday 9:45. This time

our lesson will be on watercolor painting. Watch for results on the bulletin boards!

Did you know Kai’s Mom is a dentist?

Julie Fagundes will be visiting our classroom on Friday, March 16th at 9:15 to share her

knowledge about teeth (and hopefully her insight on The Tooth Fairy). Julie has also offered to

bring some special things from her practice in Medford for each child. Thanks in advance Julie!

Date to be announced…

I am so excited to have just discovered, thanks to Gabriel and his mom Rachael, that the

Ashland Art Center has pottery classes for kids. We have been working on scheduling a field

trip with them. Unfortunately, I am still waiting to hear back on when. I will let you know as

soon as I find out! In the mean time, maybe you would like to check it out!

Cozy Day

To celebrate the last days of winter and the birth of spring we are having a Cozy Day party on

Thursday, March 22nd. Kids can wear their pjs to school and bring a soft toy to snuggle up

with. We will get cozy on this day with lots of books and a fun cooking project. If your child

stays all day please bring a change of clothes for the afternoon.

Please remember that Spring Break is a great time to get your work assistance hours in. We

are looking for parents to deep clean the classroom over the break and prep the garden for

April planting. Please talk to Wendy if you want to help out!!

Also, see Michelle for other school projects.

Teacher in Service Day Friday, March 23rd

Spring Break March 26th‐ April 2nd

Back to School Tuesday, April 3rd

Enjoy your time with your kids and spring!