Room 5 November Newsletter

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Upcoming School Closures:
November 11: Veteran’s Day
November 23,24,25: Thanksgiving

Montessori Catalog Items: If you would like to use some of your work assistance hours to enrich our classroom learning environment, please consider donating some of the lovely items available in the Small Hands Montessori catalog. (Each $10 purchase is the equivalent of donating one work hour.) Feel free to look through the “gift tags” in our “Wish Basket” on our hallway table. Take the tags of any items that you’d like to purchase; the order deadline is November 16. (Check your child’s cubbie for your catalog if you haven’t received one yet.) We hope that you enjoy browsing through this catalog with your family & holiday gifts in mind as well.

Upcoming Work Assistance Opportunities:
Sewing a slipcover for our “new” kid-size sofa: (thank you, Mateo’s mom, Alicia!)
Sewing slipcovers for our 2 floor pillows
Creating fabric shelf covers for our shelves
Building a “fireplace/hearth” for our dramatic play area (thank you, Ellie’s grandpa!)
We also need driftwood or other bark-less natural wood to use as “firewood” in our “fireplace”…

Thank you to all of our parents who have helped us by….attending our class party & first field trip, covering our fluorescent lights, preparing art projects, painting our walls & shelves…thank you for all that you do!

Rainy Day Gear:
As we will be going outside if it is raining slightly or drizzling, it is essential for all children to have warm layers, a raincoat, and rain boots (all labeled).
·        Please sign up for snack items & bring these items at the beginning of the week. Thank you!
·        Please be sure to sign your child in & out each day.

Thank you for sharing your lovely children with us! Happy Autumn!