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November 2011Garden Room News

As I am writing this to you I wonder if this lovely fall soon will convert into a lovely snowy winter. Sights of ‘Jack Frost’ were reported by the children as he has gone all about town making all things crispy, brr!


Please welcome Ms. Melissa Wallace to our classroom, as you can see already she has a wonderful, warm presence and the children have begun to experience some quality time with her.


“Family-Fall-Farm” block will be done at the end of this month.

Children will be finishing their family trees to bring home.

Our family pictures project we hope to complete sooner than later.

So please keep those pictures coming.


Music and Spanish:

I am so grateful for Ms. Coley and the time she shares with us.

Every other Wednesday and every other Thursday she brings the joy of her voice and harp to our group. This was a must for me from the beginning of the year. So now we are so pleased to have her at last. The alternate days I would like to incorporate some Spanish. I will provide more details later.

Nature and Science:

This seems to always be present in the life of young children. As we move along into the year I want to incorporate some playful scientific observations related to the season. “Rain Cycle”, “Rain Measure”, “Clouds Watch”, “Rainy Day Walks” etc. seem appropriate for the end of this season. Our ‘big window’ has many items to aid and spark some interest as the children observe roots, crystals, worms, feathers etc.-definitely age appropriate.

We do have a couple of little scientists among the group who bring a sophisticated and well informed input into our conversations. To my delight.


Cooking Class:

The children sure love their cooking dayJ Lunette is amazing with culinary arts and children. I love her cooking curriculum; please take a minute to see her blog through the “Children’s World” website.


Traditional Celebrations:

Save the date for Monday, November 21st @ 12:00. We would like this to be our Fall Pot-luck Feast: a day to share with everyone in our class and their families. Please look for our menu sign –up.

Holiday Closures:

This year the school calendar shows Thanksgiving break starting Wednesday. This is just a kind reminder that we will be closed earlier this year. As posted in our calendar and the “Children’s World” website.


Thanksgiving in the classroom:

We will touch briefly on the history of this holiday and bring awareness and a sense of gratitude. So enjoy if your children suddenly seem more grateful than usual.

Labels, clothing and rain gear, oh my!

Please, be sure that your child’s clothing is labeled with their name. It is a great help to a teacher, particularly during transitions, as we have a hard time identifying children’s items.

When there is winter-like weather I feel strongly about layers and proper gear. So if you are able to add ‘rain pants’ in addition to rain coats, boots hats and mittens, it will be just awesome as the children will enjoy a rainy day walk and water muddy puddles. Thank you for all your efforts.


Agradecida siempre/ Always grateful