Room 6 Newsletter, May 2011

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Dear families,

Hard to believe that May is upon us, with the end of the year looming. Applications for Fall are available now and the summer program is developing, with applications soon to appear. We are having a wonderful year with your children and have some special events coming up.

Next Monday, May 2nd, we are having a garden party with the children, outdoors if the weather cooperates. Parents are welcome to attend and participate. We ask that you let us know if you wish to come and that you bring some sort of snack to share. We will have a festive snack for the children with gardening activities and craft projects. Tues/Thurs children may attend with a parent if you wish.

The Bug Guy will be coming mid May to enrich our Insect Unit. He does a fabulous presentation with many preserved specimens, live creatures, and great and informative stories. We will ask for a two dollar donation to help cover the fee. More information will be posted.

Parent Volunteer Hours

If you have not already committed to projects to fulfill your hours, you will be asked to pay the amount billed.


If you would like the opportunity to discuss your child’s school experience more thoroughly than our more casual daily interactions allow, we can make that happen. Feel free to request a meeting.

Dates for June:

June 1st & 2nd: Teddy Bear’s picnic—a little special end of the year fun for the children.

June 8th—Graduation. Please plan to attend this special event. The children will do some songs for you and be honored for completion of the year or for graduation from preschool. We will have a potluck for the families. More information to follow.

Thank you so much to all of you for all the ways you support our classroom with your time, input, feedback, etc.


Sharon, Shayne, and Coley